Monday, June 10, 2013


This is the split 7" between the American Roskopp and Needful Things from The Czech Republic. Pressed by Give Praise, To Live A Lie, Nuclear Ass and Psychocontrol on this shitty mixed vinyl. The latest offering from both bands, pressed later last year, I'd argue that this could be some of Roskopp's better stuff. It's got a heavy Insect Warfare lean in the guitar tone and general feel and none of the songs really drop in tempo what so ever. Not being overly familiar with the bulk of the Needful Things catalogue, I could say much the same for their contribution here. It's heavy and loud, though it reminds me heaps of Shit Storm and that bands contribution to a split with Magrudergrind from 2006. I think I get that vibe most from the guys vocal approach. Solid effort from both bands and an entertaining release from some of grind's most consistent labels.

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