Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Considering my strong interest in the Boston Hardcore scene, I am almost astounded at how long it took me to take an interest in one man Black Metal debauchery, Torture Chain. Friends of mine have blogged about this band before, people who's opinions in music I trust have raved about it, and yet it's taken me more than three years to realise just how good this band is. This is the 2010 demo tape "Across Great Landscapes To A Legacy Of Blood" pressed to vinyl last year by Yersinia Pestis Records. Unsure of the details, though I have a feeling my copy on white wax is of the more limited edition.
Brilliant, melodic, dark, oddly catchy Black Metal is what you get here. Nothing new, nothing ground breaking, just well written and executed blasphemy. Tremolo picking dominates the bulk of the songs, though they're well distributed with more traditional metal riffery, breaks and the odd lead. Raspy pitched vocals as per the quota for this style of music fill the gaps, accompanied with a fair share of grunts and groans, and mid to fast paced blasts and 1-2-1-2 beats.
A classic 80's USHC cover does well to break the Chain, and may offer some sort of suggestion as to who (or what) is composing this stuff. What I suspect is a strong contributing factor to the sudden development of my interest in the band is perhaps these suggestions. Though liner notes and virtually all internet searches turn up nothing more than the name of 'Torturer' as sole driving force (with some contributions made by 'Uksglass'), if one does their homework, it's pretty easy to figure out just who is committing this music to tape. Fuck, just being familiar with the vocal stylings of the singer of one of Boston's biggest current hardcore bands should make it almost a dead give away. Though, like I said, nothing exists anywhere to my knowledge to confirm these suspicions.
The bands brand new full length album has just reared it's ugly head via a sold out tape at Chaos In Tejas, though I'm crossing my fingers for a proper, possibly wider release for the world that accesses this stuff via the internet. If you search properly you'll find a mediafire link too.

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