Thursday, June 20, 2013


I already posted about the Euro version of the following split in September last year, and though I love all of the recorded output of Vaccine, they aren't a band that I'm overly concerned with when it comes to collecting variations etc. There's only one band I bother with like that and they've been way too quiet lately. This American press Drugged Conscience Records variation of the Vaccine/Coke Bust split is anything but quiet though. Loud loud loud, hyperblast hardcore.
The main reason I grabbed this is for the differing artwork from the original. Much more in tune with the general feel that both bands tend to emit, I probably wouldn't even have grabbed it at all, if it wasn't though for the fact that one of the bands made a point about how they didn't like that artwork from the Euro press and how it ended up turning out much different to how they imagined it would. This version feels much more proper.

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