Friday, May 10, 2013


For a relative new comer like myself, to conquer the entire Nunslaughter catalogue could be likened to climbing Everest. Fast approaching 130 individual releases since 1987 including tapes, EPs, live releases, splits and LPs, the sheer volume of music to scour has always seemed somewhat intimidating to me. Perhaps a good reason why it took me more than a couple of years to really begin to sift through it all. Though I do believe that it would be very possible for just about any new comer to the band to check out just their full lengths and perhaps a few of their EPs to get a proper feeling of what the they're all about. That's something that I've done, and of the stuff I have had the time to inspect, I'm confident that this LP of theirs, "Hex" is easily their best material. Recorded and released in 2007 by none other than the mighty Hell's Headbangers, in relative terms, this would have to be the bands 'cleanest' recording. The oldest of the old school Death Metal would be the order of the day here, influences clearly drawn from a myriad of late 80's proto groups. Elements of Toronto's Slaughter shines through immensely, as do hints of Venom, and even Slayer (R.I.P. Jeff). Don't let the epic black metal styled logo and hedonistic name fool you as I did; these guys play some catchy as hell, fun, tongue in cheek Death Metal with a secret thrash metal vibe.

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