Thursday, May 9, 2013


Generally speaking, Record Store Day never really does it for me in terms of essential, must-get-at-any-cost, want-that-so-bad releases. The closest I've come to that in years (and perhaps ever) is this new split 7" picture disc from Napalm Death and Insect Warfare. The spanner in the works here though is the legitimacy behind the record. Given Earache Records questionable history when it comes to issuing and reissuing records from bands of the label's past, I'm highly suspicious (and I suspect I'm probably not alone) as to whether either band actually approved of, or is receiving any kind of royalties for sales of this 7". I'd bet my left nut that neither are actually. Still, I set my alarm for some ridiculous hour to make sure I was awake to buy this record when it went up for sale in the labels UK webstore. In retrospect, I guess that I didn't really need to, as there's copies listed at around $15 a pop on Discogs now, not too much different from what I paid directly from the label.
No new material from either band here I must inform, though I knew that before I bought it. No new artwork either. Just the bands logo in white on a black pic disc in a plastic sleeve with a skinny sticker. I knew that also. The two Insect Warfare tracks come from World Extermination (of course they do, Earache wouldn't have rights to anything else from the bands discography), and Napalm Death's contribution come in the form of 'rough mixes' of two tracks from Scum. Hardly worth chasing I guess unless you're a gullible fan boy like me. But hey, at least I can admit it (fuck you Earache).


Dustin said...

I had thought about ordering one of these too, but the fact that it was a pic disk, priced at $12 and shipping was like an additional $10, I passed.

J@screamingforrecords said...

Just picked this up myself despite missing record store day