Saturday, May 11, 2013


I think I may be going a little mental as I was almost positive that I had posted about Cryptopsy before. I've been in possession of their mammoth third LP, "Whisper Supremacy" for a couple of years now, and nearly everything that comes through my door makes it's way onto this blog at some point. Various searches via the search tools on Blogger and Google have turned up nothing though, so I guess I haven't? Maybe at some point I did, but then the post got deleted somewhere along the line? I don't know. I will make a post about that LP in the next few weeks to fill the void. In the meantime, here's the bands second album "None So Vile".
For the longest time I ignored this album and their debut before it "Blasphemy Made Flesh", in favour of the stylings that they developed with second vocalist Michael DiSalvo on Whisper'. With my growing interests in all things more brutal though, a factor which I'm sure has been noticed on the blog in the last two years or so, I've taken a serious interest in this album and the vocal stylings of the bands original growler, Lord Worm. Disregard the metalcore that the band have adopted in the last few years with later albums and new vocalists, this early stuff, along with the other two albums I've mentioned in this post are where it's at. Originally released as a CD only in 1996 by Wrong Again Records from Sweden (and subsequently reissued in the digital medium a handful of times over the years by various other labels including Century Media), this red and black mixed vinyl version wasn't pressed until 2012 by War On Music Records out of Winnipeg. What I know about that label is minimal, though discogs displays a relatively impressive catalogue within a few years including the likes of Razor, Gorguts and Slaughter reissues.
Driven largely by the massively proficient drumming abilities of long time skinsman Flo Mounier, this album is a total lesson in semi technical, blast dominated, abrasive Death Metal. Generally speaking my tastes within the genre develop around more punk influenced styles ala Autopsy and the like, I've never been a massive fan of bands like Morbid Angel, but the torpedo like onslaught that early Cryptopsy is well known for could arguably be some of my favourite within the genre. Coupled with Worms excruciatingly guttural bellows and the stupid riffing of Jon Levasseur and √Čric Langlois on guitar and bass respectively, and you've got some of the best Death Metal anywhere in the world.

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