Friday, January 25, 2013


Here's the 2010 reissue of the brilliant "World Without God" LP by Finnish death metal torch carriers Convulse. Originally pressed back in something like 1992, I missed this repress until last fortnight. Along with the original album, this slab also includes the bands "Resuscitation Of Evilness" demo and a bonus live track on the B side. Sounds so much better than my shitty digital rip plagued with hiss and noise.
Though they garnered virtually zero recognition at the time, along with bands like Abhorrence and Demi God, these guys were more or less at the forefront of the infant Finnish scene of the early to mid nineties and subsequently responsible for one of the most identifiable sounds of the genre. They released another (heavily 'death n roll' inspired) album, "Reflections" as a CD only release three years later and then called it a day. The proliferation of the internet would be largely responsible for the bands now infinite popularity within particular metal circles and as a result they have reformed and only today released a new MLP, "Inner Evil" on Svart Records. Thankfully back to their depressing death metal roots and featuring two new analogue studio tracks, I will probably procure said record. A tape version of the EP was also made available by the band last week featuring rehearsal recordings of some old classics as extras. A new full length is said to be rearing it's head before the end of this year too. If the general high quality of music released by now reformed original Norse bands in the last year is anything to go by, this should be interesting.

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