Saturday, January 26, 2013


New split tape between Byron Bay's Shackles and Worn Out from Chicago. The first release from Castigated Records, the label that I think is the work of the Shackles guys. This is to be pressed as a 7" in the coming weeks also. The Shackles portion was recorded in Perth when the boys were over their recently, and the result is certainly a less polished batch of songs compared to their last two EP's. Much more suiting their style too. Blast beats and mosh bits. Marks vocals go from strength to strength. On top of the vinyl release this will see, they also have a new 12" EP on Arrest records Australia and a new 7" on Urbn Rage Records due within the next few months.
Being completely unfamiliar with Worn Out before hearing this I can describe them as some kind of modernised PV/grind blend akin to a heap of the bands doing the rounds on To Live A Lie Records and the like at the moment. Light speed blasts, metallic guitars and filthy bass tone offset a mix of high end, and hoarse yelled vocals. Obvious comparisons would include Magrudergrind, ACxDC and Magnum Force. Good stuff in small doses.

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