Saturday, November 24, 2012


To complete the trilogy of posts initiated here and continued here, I present the final piece to the puzzle, the brilliant Nihilist demo tape, "Drowned". Arguably some of the best death metal ever produced and certainly the most influential in terms of a developing Swedish scene of the late 80's. My favourite death metal song of all time can be found here in the opener "Sever Burns" also. Re-written and re-recorded on the second ENTOMBED album, "Clandestine" a few years later, this version of the song is a total LESSON in how this style of music should be written, played and recorded. The tremolo picked riffs that back LG's vocals in the opening verse are just bone shaking. The second version is far inferior in my opinion and they should never have fucked with the way they did.

Now to hunt down the Grave and Dismember demos.

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James said...

These must have cost you a fortune, as I've seen some for sale for ridiculous amounts on Discogs. Hats off to you though for managing to hunt then down.