Sunday, November 25, 2012


Toronto's Vile Intent are a band that I am very fond of. Pretty sure I've posted rather favourably about them on here before too. Their second EP, "Regression To The Mean" was more or less my favourite 7" of 2011, and to this day I still jam it at least twice a week. Pure Powerviolence perfection. One of the best bands doing the rounds currently. This is their new CS EP, "Skin In The Game", produced just recently for distribution at Not Dead Yet Fest. I was quick enough to grab one of the left over copies from the Diseased Audio webstore. Not sure if that label had an actual hand in dubbing this or if it was a band job. The label has stated that they may be involved with the upcoming vinyl version of this EP. If you're looking for any kind of natural progression here, you won't get it. What you do get is more of what the band do very well. Stop/start, doomy, blast beat peppered hardcore. Maybe I'm getting a little too excited? I can't say enough good things about these guys.


VII said...

I got this as well. It sold out in like, 3 seconds from DA.

Survivalist said...

Montreal's Vile Intent

Sean said...

Why the hell did I think they were from Toronto?