Monday, November 26, 2012


A relatively well known Brisbane record store recently reopened their shop front in my local shopping center last week much to my pleasure. Honestly, I don't often pay visits to local stores, as I rarely find anything of much worth, but within 30 seconds of being in Rockaway Records I managed to stumble across this 2008 picture disc reissue of Slayer's 2nd album "Hell Awaits". Now yes I realise that a 2008 reissue may not be that impressive to those with access to great local stores, but here in Brisbane, there really aren't any good stores at all that cater to my taste in music, so when I found this in a shop five minutes from my home, I was pretty impressed. Let it be known also, I do not really like picture discs, but at least this version comes housed in a proper sleeve. The store also had a Back On Black reissue of the bands "Show No Mercy" album that I suspect I will return to collect this week at some point. Do you need a description? It's Slayer. I didn't think so.

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