Sunday, December 2, 2012


Here's an LP that's been somewhat of a surprise for me this year. From Adelaide comes The Weight with their debut album, "Prisoners Of The Flock" on brown black smudge vinyl of 100 copies in a gatefold sleeve. All pressed by a relatively new record label and store from their hometown, Clarity Records. What you get here is what some would likely consider relatively generic Australian hardcore. Crystal clear recording, moshy guitar tone, heavy hardcore structures, written to get a pretty obvious reaction live. Normally with this is stuff I don't find much interest at all, but there's a handful of factors that have really managed to catch my ears with this thing. First up the riffing; reminds me heaps of early All Out War. Sharp, metallic, fast riffing. The sound translated through those riffs also give me a massive Crown of Thronz vibe, and I am willing to be the guys in the band were also channelling a fair bit of Trapped Under Ice when writing this album. And The singers voice; massively reminiscent of the front man from Most Precious Blood. Exact same tone and attitude. With this album, that's two bands from Adelaide this year that wouldn't normally really impress me that have. Good work Adelaide.


markxboulton said...

What was your other notable Adelaide release Sean?

Sean said...

I really liked the Search and Destroy 7" Mark.