Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Seems appropriate as I am going to see these guys play tonight, here's a new acquisition in a recent reissue of the the 1996 Eyehategod album, "Dopesick". Pressed a number of time over the years by a few labels, this edition here was released last year by Emetic Records with license from Century Media. A limited white version was created during this press, but mine is on double black with a gatefold sleeve. Considering their wide influence over a lot of great music and a lot of stuff  that I really like, I've never really been a massive fan of the band. In terms of southern style doom metal like this, I was raised on a pretty solid diet of arguably more tuneful bands like Down, Iron Monkey and even Superjoint Ritual. Though this album certainly has many greats bits, and it's a record that I feel almost has a right to belong in any proper collection, it's certainly a much more downer kind of album. Easily some of the most depressing music that I listen to anyway. With the mood setting of Mike Williams tortured groans leading into the opening track, coupled with the relatively low quality recording, whenever I listen to this album I just envision shitty things happening like heroin overdoses and people blowing their heads off with shot guns. Perhaps that's why I can't enjoy the band as much as a probably should. I can easily see how the majority of people interested in downer stuff like this will get a rush out of that imagery though.

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