Saturday, November 3, 2012


New s/t 12" EP from Boston hardcore unit Prisoner Abuse. Painkiller Records, clear vinyl with black smudges through it. With members of other previous and current notable Boston bands, this platter is certainly subject at the moment to the reasonable amount of hype that seems to surround the fellows that comprise this group. I wouldn't say that the excitement is undeserved, but what's presented here definitely isn't up to the usual high standards that these fellows so often set. It's all relative though; in terms of hard, mean American straight edge hardcore this thing is the kind of album that most bands would kill to write. Rough recording in tact, the music was committed to hard format last year, having being written back in the mid noughties. Jason Clegg laid down vocals for it earlier this year.

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Across Your Face said...

Damnit, everyone got their hands on one of the clear copies. Fell asleep at the wheel on this one :(