Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I initially heard about Think Twice from Nottingham, UK only recently when they embarked on a short European tour with Liverpool favourite's Violent Reaction. Based on the artwork and general kind of aesthetic that the band employ I thought they were some rehash of 90's rehash youth crew and as a result I wasn't that interested. Keep in mind that judgement was made without ever having given the band a listen. Never judge a book by it's cover I guess? That old chestnut? What we've got here is brilliant late 80's styled NYHC that takes many cues from Straight Ahead and the like. Chalk a lot of the sound up to The Abused and throw in some Boston hardcore attitude too. Heaps of hyper fast tempo's, some cool little dance bits, a vocalist that does a brilliant Tommy Carol impression, and a guitar tone that actually reminds me quite a bit of the tone used by Australian greats of times past Hard Luck. Similar grooves to that band too. This is their debut EP "Deficit Youth" pressed by Anger Battery Records earlier this year. Clear wax. Certainly my second favourite EP to come out of the UK in 2012. They've just released a split cassette with Word On The Street and they've got a new EP due on Carry The Weight Records some time before the end of the year. Essential hardcore.

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I just found your blog and it's awesome! Can't wait to read through some of your older posts later on. Sweet.