Sunday, November 4, 2012


New 7" single from the almighty Hatred Surge. Simple, plain black vinyl with packaging to match pressed by Can O Bees. From what I can tell the label is the work of the guys in the band. They pressed the latest Mammoth Grinder single a few month back too. "Purgatory b/w Like Rats" presents two plodding, groove based tracks, not dissimilar to other tracks of this ilk that the band have penned in the past. With Rahi's departure on vocals, the music here also marks the first time in years that original member Alex has been in 100% control of all grunts and groans. It's been told that this record is the lead-in to the bands new full length due before the end of the year, and it's not hard to tell that it's more or less a fund building release for that album, much like the Mammoth Grinder record mentioned earlier. If the vibe that this record emits is anything to go by, it definitely seems like the band are getting back to the sound and recording values that they first made their stamp with on the first s/t 7".

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