Sunday, November 11, 2012


Two things happening today. First up, the new issue of the zine I do is ready to go. Downsided #6 features interviews with two awesome bands- Purity Control from Toronto and Violent Reaction from Liverpool. Both bands have brand new releases out now. Do yourself a favour and secure hard copies of them all. If you live in Brisbane and see me at a show, you're in luck because I will give you a copy for free. If you want one posted within these shores, it will end up being about $2 post paid for a single copy. If you want to pay more like $5, I will will send you 5 copies to give to mates. Resist Records in Sydney and Missing Link in Melbourne will also have copies within the next week or so. Canadians; Brandon DeMarco of Purity Control and Andrew Nolan of Column Of Heaven will have copies eventually. Brits; look to Tom Pimlott of Violent Reaction/Liverpool HARDcore. Irish folk; ask Jamie Grimes at Suburban Mayhem, Destroyed Human etc. Yanks; Please see Dustin at Look Alive Records or Judge at Mind Rot Records. Of course, if you're in one of those countries (or anywhere else for that matter) and would prefer to buy direct, hit me up. I'll only charge you the postage rates. Last issue for a while, if not forever. I struggled long enough to build the motivation to finish this one.

And the next Delayed Response release, #12, the 2nd Nazi Dentist demo tape "Hostile". More blast beat ridden, PV influenced hardcore, much like their last tape but with a far superior recording this time around and plenty more stop/start structure ala No Comment. 50 copies. Both the band and myself will have them for sale at their upcoming shows. $3 in person. $5 posted around Oz. I haven't arranged any international distribution for this thing but if you want a copy, email me and we will work out the cost. Again, the last one for a while. It's time to save some money.

Contact for both of the above can be made at- Thank you.

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