Friday, November 16, 2012


Inspired by Mark Sandwell's post a few weeks back on his blog about the recent Entrapment 7" I went out and procured myself the latest batch of releases by the band. Now I am quite the fan of this bands first demo "Infernal Blasphemies", but following my post about that cassette last year I kind of lost track of the them a little. Between the first demo and the EP, they also managed to self release this tape at the end of 2010, the "Putrefying Stench Of Death" demo. More blistering Swedish styled death metal from this Dutch unit, I'd quickly argue that this release, while considerably rougher in recording natures, far outweighs the previous material ten fold. This thing could have easily been released as part of the Swedish tape trading scene of the last 80's. Sunlight sound fully in tact, the band employ all the earmarks of that scenes approach; spiralling, descending tremolo picking offset by big crunchy riffs, catchy leads supported by hints of melody, a vocalist with an approach perfectly worthy of being placed along names of great like Petrov, Lindgren and Kärki, all underpinned by a sneaky punk approach evident in the odd d-beat and the Crucifix cover. One of the best Euro bands doing this sound at the moment.

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