Saturday, November 10, 2012


Nailed Down from Perth existed from the early/mid 90's until about 2003. Throughout the bands life, their sound gradually progressed from some kind fast, crusty, dirty mess into what could be best described as the sound that would go on to heavily influence the style that early Extortion made their mark with. This is their final material "Resurrection", originally released on CD in 2003, and then put to this 3x7" by Power It Up Records this year. Black wax. Recently supplied to me by Rohan of Extortion as part of the deal I made with him for the two Ex records I posted about last week, it's a good point to make that Rohan actually played bass on this recording, and the fellow playing drums here- Dean, went on to to bash the skins for a handful of mid era Extortion stuff, most notably the "Sick" LP. I wouldn't say that this is the best Nailed Down music, that title belongs to the bands debut "Violent Distortion", but what you get here emits a massive 'proto' Extortion vibe. Fans of that band would probably find interest in this, but much the same could be said for most of the Nailed Down catalogue.

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