Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Another The Afternoon Gentlemen record, this time their split 7" with Chiens from France. White wax pressed by Give Praise, Dead Heroes, I Feel good and Tombs In The Valley Productions. Not an as interesting contribution from The Gentlemen as the stuff from yesterday's post, but it retains merit in it's own right. Still much the same in recording qualities- clear and precise with very on point blasts that back up a tried and tested grindcore style with PV elements, very similar to the style that Baltimore's Magrudergrind employ to much success. The songs just aren't as interesting really, plain and simple. Chiens are just about the only grind band from France that I am even remotely familiar with, so to compare them to any of their countrymen would be impossible, but in terms of good grind on an international scale, these guys have got the gift. This stuff weighs up to that of The Gentlemen easily and perhaps even eclipses it with a perfectly murky, grindcore recording. The thing I love about some of these more prolific grind bands and their split release schedules is that I'm constantly privy to new and often awesome grind bands in their split-mates. Bands that I may otherwise never have heard of. The majority of the past fortnight's post fodder is tribute to that.

With poster.

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