Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Suffering Mind/The Afternoon Gentlemen split 7" on clear vinyl. Crucificados amongst about six others should be blamed. I can't quite remember for sure but I think this is the record that introduced me to Suffering Mind originally. I had never been a massive fan of The Gentlemen to be honest before this record, but I was pretty impressed when I heard a few songs from their contribution online so I decided to grab it. And yeah, that was my first taste of Suffering Mind. This would be some of their best stuff, with a clear, menacing recording that marks the last with Ula on vocals. The Gentlemen's music here is arguably their best at this point too. Clear, heavy grind, with some PV elements to boot. I've never been a massive fan of the little alcoholic/binge drinking gimmick they've always utilised, but look past that tom foolery and ignore the often goofy lyrics and you get some relatively interesting grindcore here. Certainly the best band coming out of the UK doing this style right now.

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