Thursday, June 21, 2012


It seems that everything post "Pissed Again" that The Afternoon Gentlemen have released has been of a much higher quality than that record. Another split 7" that they're involved in here, this time with Chicago's Cyborg. I think this was released last year to coincide with their tour of the US. Pressed by grind stalwarts RSR, mine's of the black variety. Ignore the hip hop samples scattered throughout their side of the record and you get some really solid grind that retains the quality recording elements of the other stuff of theirs that I've posted about recently. This time around they've managed to pack their side with some really fun songs and there's more than a couple times where they seem to make some obvious tributes to later Infest for good measure. Maybe that's just me hearing that though. Cyborg present some pretty typical, A grade powerviolence that would take cues from the obvious choices. I'd argue that these songs of theirs would probably be the best they've done so far, but with that said none of them are really far removed from anything that they've already released anyway.

Fold out sleeve with an insert and an obi strip.

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Across Your Face said...

I love that cover art!