Thursday, May 10, 2012

my rules

Of the many reissues and discog type releases that have occurred within the last 18 months, the Void collection long player from last year would have to be the more certain for any proper punk record collector to own I suppose. Like yesterdays posts subject I was a little slow getting my hands on this one due mainly to dumb postage costs, but I managed eventually. Dischord Records dug up a bunch of random Void stuff and put it on here; various tracks from various sessions from an early part of the bands life. Black vinyl of which the whole press was aligned from what I can tell. Regular (amazing) cover, though a couple different record release covers were also created.

The first twenty tracks were originally recorded and then never officially released because of the relatively 'demoish' sound I suspect. With that in mind these songs are certainly more than listenable. A good majority of these songs also reappeared with better recordings later on more widely recognised releases, but there's a few dotted about that I hadn't heard before. The next ten are all songs from the recording sessions that contributed songs to the "Flex Your Head" comp and what eventually ended up being the "Condensed Flesh" 7", though they're unmastered versions so they sound a bit different. The next two are outtakes from the Faith split sessions, both songs that reappeared on other releases with vastly different recordings. To cap it off Dischord have given us two live tracks, both with a pretty energetic feel. Weiffenbach certainly sounds like he's got his maniac turned up to 10 here.

End of the day there isn't a whole pile of brand new music going on here, but there's a heap of alternate recordings and the like. I think this whole thing is pretty much worth it just for the cover anyway.

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