Wednesday, May 9, 2012

fist itch

Though this new long player of theirs has been out now for a good six months or more, I haven't posted about Sweden's U.X. Vileheads since January last year. When I first heard about their new "Hardcore XI" LP it had already been out for around six weeks or so, and then postage for it to be sent here to me in Australia was a heap so I didn't bother grabbing it immediately. The recent order from Crucial Response to procure a handful of stuff (some of which I've posted about recently) allowed me to get my hands on this finally. Black wax pressed by My Vag and Adult Crash Records.

The stuff here more or less continues right on from where the earlier EP's left off; catchy, fast DC styled hardcore. Extreme similarities to a heap of that early Washington crew all thrown together over the course of eleven tracks. The main difference with this LP would be the recording qualities; certainly rougher than what they presented on the "Catch 22" EP.

As with their previous material I really think that "Hardcore XI" and the band in general are both really underrated and I question so much why they don't get more attention. Total on point 80's USHC revival made perfectly.

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