Tuesday, May 8, 2012

never healed

Never had a chance to post about Nottingham's Heresy on here before now. There's a couple original records of theirs that I would like to eventually obtain and then chat about but this discog LP will do for now. This one is called "1985-87" and compiles the earlier part of the bands life. Subsequent discog LP's followed that collected remaining material. Boss Tuneage pressed this three times between 2005 and 2010, this orange platter is part of the third press and limited to 350 copies.

Collected here is an unreleased demo, their "Never Healed" EP (originally released as a flexi on Earache Records), their later "Thanks" EP and a couple of random tracks that never saw the light of day. These releases form only the early part of the bands collective career, but due mainly to the inclusion of "Never Healed", out of the three discog LP's that occurred, this one would arguably be the best. No frills, relentless, fast hardcore from a scene and time that spawned other greats like Ripcord and Napalm Death.

Heresy are often credited as playing an important roll in the early stages of the development of grindcore and I suppose I would agree. One could argue that obviously Napalm Death were the real purveyors of the genre originally though. For the better part, the vast majority of Heresy's later catalogue suffered quite a bit due to factors like bad recording qualities and just plain shitty songs, but this early stuff was fantastic.

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