Monday, May 21, 2012


Real life is a drag. Lately it certainly seems that I have little time for anything else except working for an income. Hence the zero activity on this blog. Not likely to change for a while soon either, though I have a large amount of stuff I'd like to post about. One other contributing factor to my business lately would also be the following three tapes on Delayed Response:

Delayed Response 10:
Shackles- "Dissolve To Nothing" Cassette
Seven new tracks of heavy, blasting, metallic hardcore from Byron Bay’s finest exponents of drear and dissolution. 100 pro duplicated copies with screen printed cassettes. OUT MAY 25th.

Delayed Response 11:
Menace To Society- Demo Tape
Gruff and gnarly, rough and tumble hardcore from Brisbane that takes massive cues from the early Boston and NYHC greats. Rather large tip of the cap to the current Toronto crew too. 100 copies in total, 29 hand numbered cassettes sold recently at the bands first show, with the remaining 71 regular versions with slightly differing inserts still to come. One of the best demos of 2012 in my humble opinion. OUT SOON (within the next fortnight).

Nazi Dentist- Demo Tape
Second dub. Another 50 copies. Virtually identical to the first edition, differentiated by adhesive labelled cassette bodies. OUT JUNE 2nd.

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