Saturday, March 24, 2012

who's next for the nazi dentist?

This is my next little piece of work, DR#08, the Nazi Dentist demo tape. A few members of a couple of the bands I have already worked with in the last 12 months playing fast hardcore most likely inspired by late 80's / early 90's Southern Californian bands like No Comment and Infest. Add some pretty blatant mosh elements to the mix and a dual vocal approach typified by a male/female attack and this tape is the result. 50 copies initially of which the band will be selling tonight at their second show with American queer grind/noise unit HIRS and a handful of other locals. If demand necessitates I may sort out a second run.

DR#09 will be ready to go in the next fortnight. It will be the new demo tape from The Sunshine Coast's Draw Blank. 50 copies of nasty NYHC revival. Dudes vocals remind me heaps of Switch from Justice so in turn I guess these guys also remind me a lot of The Abused. DR#10 is also in the pipeline and more info on that will follow shortly.

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