Friday, March 23, 2012

cold storage

Two new tapes from the Lurk Sleep Kill label.

I came across Whorelord when the Cvlt Nation website posted about this new demo tape of theirs recently. Now I wouldn’t say that I often stumble across many gems by way of that site, but I will admit that I have been massively impressed by the quality of this debut demo. 4 tracks in about 11 minutes of horrendously scum drenched, filth laden punk/death/black metal. The recording is murky, the fellow’s unhinged vocals are reverbed and delayed through the roof and it just sounds like total shit in general (in a great way). What’s smart about this demo though is the underlining sense of catchiness. On multiple occasions the band utilise some really cool mosh oriented riffs and hooks. There’s also a few really nifty leads. I’d put my dick in my roommates new meat grinder before admit that this will appeal to your average Deathwish Records kid though, but it’s something to be aware of.

Nuclear Witch differ slightly from the previous in that they settle on a foundation set more in a traditional black metal approach. Less of those aforementioned groove and thrash metal leanings favoured by Whorelord, replaced with a barrage of tremolo riffing and shrieked vocals under layers of disgusting reverb. Both tapes possess the very rough recording qualities that I enjoy and Nuclear Witch own the rougher of the two.

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