Thursday, March 22, 2012

moment of death

Today's record seems like a bit of a no brainer. To me anyway. Last year's reissue of the brilliant 1989 Bastard 7" "Controlled In The Frame" courtesy of 540 Records. Regardless of how fond of or familiar you are with this band, it's definitely an essential addition to any self respecting punk record enthusiast's collection. This is on black vinyl. From what I can gather, presses were also made of red, orange and blue vinyl, and a few random coloured screened covers were also created. It was bootlegged once at the beginning of the noughties, but this is the first time since it's original form that it's seen an official repress.

One can't deny how much of this band's sound has carried on in hundreds of today's current groups. I'd argue that just about any modern crust/d-beat/metallic hardcore punk band from anywhere in the world would be able to trace some kind of origin back to Bastard, this 7" and their LP that followed. Purely timeless Japanese hardcore that defined so much and transcends many boundaries. Classic underlining d-beat with simple riffing and leads thrown in, all pinned up by a throaty fellow who sounds ever so angry.

Now someone reissue "Wind Of Pain".

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