Wednesday, March 21, 2012

point of view

I grabbed this new s/t Face Reality 7" from Youngblood Records at the same time I bought the new No Tolerance EP. If I remember correctly, originally Youngblood put up pre orders for this record on blue vinyl, which I ordered, but at some point issues arose with that blue press that managed to delay the shipping of the record. Sean from Youngblood sent out emails to those who ordered blue and asked if they wanted red instead. I took him up on that offer.

Having only heard their demo originally this was kind of a gamble for me as I wasn't overly excited about that recording. Turns out I've come up trumps as this is a bit f a good EP. Hard, angry core is the theme of the day and these guys do it well. Thick, chuggy riffs, cool fast breaks and a vocalist who really sounds like he's ready to break bottles over people's heads. He has certainly come a long way since that demo.

Detroit hardcore. Turns out another 7" exists between this and the demo. Might track it down.

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