Tuesday, March 20, 2012

end of the line

Here's the new, and much hyped 7", "No Remorse, No Tolerance" from Boston's No Tolerance. Pressed by Youngblood Records, I didn't realise it as I was quick to the punch but apparently this press of gold vinyl sold out really quicky and now people are paying silly amounts for it.

I can't say a huge amount about this new record that I haven't about previous material of theirs in the past, or any other good Boston hardcore band of this style really. Six punchy, manly songs built around a pretty steady division of the fast bit and the mosh bit, all punctuated by DFJ's typical yelling style spewing arrogant straight edge and related lyrics. Bouncy riffs and sharp snare fills complete the package. While this may not hit the exact brilliance of their demo, the best song they've ever written can be found here in "Empty Words". A noticeable step up in production also gives this thing a good wallop of power.

At one point quite a while back I remember the word getting around that these guys had another 7" due too. Curious to see if that will happen, aware of the fact that the assumed writing center of this band also both do time in about a million other groups.

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