Tuesday, March 6, 2012

dull regard

If memory serves I raved on pretty hard about the Nazi Dust demo from a couple years back. I stand by such ramblings, that demo was so fucking great. Fast, shitty hardcore. The band went on to release an average 7" on Youth Attack a little bit after that demo and then a handful of cassettes, none of which I've managed to hear. News of this new MLP of theirs surfaced late last year out of nowhere and at the time I was somewhat sceptical as to whether it would actually be any good. Around the same time a new song was made digital and it was a pretty interesting tune, more in line with the quality of the demo, so I decided to grab a copy. Here it is, "Wretched Hour" on black wax, pressed by Vinyl Rites.

My main gripe with that Youth Attack EP, and I think most would agree, was it's muddy recording qualities. It really did sound like shit compared to the buzzy sound of earlier stuff. Here they've captured a pretty similar sound with these songs, this time around though it seems like they've tried to take a different angle at the actual writing. I always thought that the demo drew some pretty prominent comparisons to a handful of those nasty 90's Jap influenced Clevo bands- Inmates, 9 Shocks Terror etc, whereas most of the material here treads a pretty obvious basic USHC path. I'd compare this music to the majority of "TIBNLA" comp before anything else.

Not much to talk to in terms of the actual material record. A simple sleeve jacket with all liner note/lyrics printed in the back. No insert.

A definite return to form.

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