Wednesday, March 7, 2012

raise the dead

More records obtained on my recent Melbourne trip were a bunch of Bathory reissues. If you want to argue early first wave black metal bands that more or less created an entire genre of music, I'd happily settle the magnifying glass over Quorthon and the the first three or four albums that this he and his band released. Stuff that followed this first s/t LP of theirs incorporated superior recording qualities and hence helped more largely to shape black metal, but this LP is definitely where it started. Originally released in 1984 by Black Mark Productions with slightly differing artwork, it was again released in 2011 as the edition I present here. Grey vinyl. White goat.

What's to say really? Black metal was born here. The themes, the imagery, the recording style, the songs structures, the writing and playing methods. It's inarguable.

More posts about this band to follow.

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