Sunday, February 19, 2012

a step in the wrong direction

I honestly think that if RSR wasn't releasing Extortion records the label would probably go belly up. The band has obviously become quite a cash cow for the label in the last 18 months, proven numerous times with unnecessary represses and multiple cover variants of various releases. Latest case in point; this reissue of the Extortion/Jed Whitey split 7" that Distort originally pressed back around 2009/10. Maybe I can see a point in reissuing this EP, as I do think some people missed out the first time around, but I can't stand a label that insists on releasing a record with more than two variants in the form of either vinyl colours or 'limited' covers. They've done similar things with pretty much all of the Extortion stuff that they've had a hand in releasing over the years and it makes my teeth grind. Idiots like me and our OCD just have to possess a complete Extortion collection though, so I guess I've got nobody really to blame but myself.
Here's three variants of the new press. Black wax of a larger press, limited grey wax of 100 copies, and this limited red and silver foil cover thing of 100 (I think) as another option. Just to add to the ridiculousness, another foil cover also exists with black in place of the red. The label wouldn't sell the two together, but it looks like I've lined that one up through a mate.

From what I can tell this press is more or less exactly the same as the first version bar a slight variance in the records centre label. Of course, Distort only pressed it on black originally too.


My love/hate relationship with RSR continues.


VII said...

This is one of the Extortion records that I really need, and I'm glad they repressed. An original is quite elusive and too expensive for me.
I don't know if you know, but Deep Six repressed the "Control" EP, "Degenerate", "Sick", and their split with AoA. Just to frustrate you further:)

Sean said...

yeah i appreciate that it needed a repress, but the whole covers thing just annoys me. 1 would have been bad enough, but 2 limited covers? it's kind of ironic as it practically is extortion. maybe that's the point that I am missing.
as for the deep 6 represses, yeah i got all of them. my Ex collection is pretty much complete minus one variant cover for the demo 7", the two limited covers for the split 5" with rupture, and this alternate cover for this new split reissue (which i should have soon i hope). im not normally one to collect any band incessantly, but i am with these guys. mainly just because of the whole countrymen thing.

VII said...

nice. My Extortion collection is still modest at best, but it's growing.