Monday, February 20, 2012

dark days

Here's a new record from an Australian band that I've been really surprised by. The debut 7" from Adelaide's Search And Destroy, "Eye Of Terror" on red and black haze of 100 copies. Suppression Records.

Following a demo and a split tape with Melbourne's Frozen Over, both released over 18 months ago, these guys have taken somewhat of a new road with this material. Whereas the aforementioned two previous releases tread the bouncy NYHC boards with that whole almost comical, chilled vibe ala the Lockin' Out Records crew, this new stuff has taken a noticeably harder approach more comparable to more moshier bands like Terror or Cast Aside. Most of these songs retain that cool, loose style with plenty of groove based riffs, but the guitar sound is definitely of the more metallic tone and the singers throat is at the angriest/loudest/deepest he's ever sounded.

I didn't like their older stuff, but I really like this 7". Besides the last Terror LP I haven't really enjoyed music of this style (let alone Australian music like this) for a long time. Pretty good.

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