Thursday, February 23, 2012

solace in death

This is the demo by this new Melbourne group Headless Death. I don't know a huge amount about them other than the fact that the singer is the guy from Rort, and drums are handled by Chrisoph from the mighty Internal Rot amongst others. The other fellows may very well be from other Melbourne bands that I am unaware of.

It's hard to get a proper feel of what these guys are getting at with this demo. It's got a really good, rough recording typified with heavy, downtuned, messy guitars, fast drums with regular blast beats, and for most part groaned hardcore esque vocal bits. Occasionally the vocals are backed by someone with a heavier, more metal end too. They cover a classic Grave tune so there's an obvious death metal element to the recording, though I'd say that with said cover that's about as metal as they get. The rest of the tape is typified with basic power chords, tremolo picking, PV inspired tempo shifts and scrambled riffing. Leads see an occasional inclusion here and there, but this thing has more roots in metallic hardcore and even grindcore than any actual death metal. That point is probably also highlighted with the vocals. I'd probably get bit of a different vibe if the guy sounded a little more evil or demented.

Worthy of wider attention, I certainly see these guys getting better with future releases. Reading over that previous paragraph I feel I kind of sound a little negative but I actually like this demo. Better than certain other bands coming out of Melbourne at the moment trying similar things.

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