Wednesday, February 22, 2012

soon to be dead

Another taking from the recent Melbourne trip is this reissue of Dismember's debut LP, "Like An Ever Flowing Stream". This round seeing it's resurrection in the form of a double LP on blue 180g vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. Originally released by Nuclear Blast Records back in 1991, this version has been pressed as part of the Back On Black series. An additional four tracks have been added here too to set it apart from the original.

To me these guys always seemed like Entombed's little brothers. So much of each bands work is heavily comparable in so many different ways. Dismember just always seemed to trail by around six months or so. Much of their material I can't find a great deal of interest in following this album either. Their handful of demos before this had a much rawer sound and feeling and as a result I do prefer most of those recordings too. I do love this album though, and it's good to have a great quality pressing of such an influential piece of work. It's no "Left Hand Path" though.

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