Sunday, February 26, 2012

your rotting face

Another Melbourne score, a reissue of Autopsy's third platter, "Acts Of The Unspeakable". This originally came out in 1992, I'm unsure of when this reissue came about, though I don't think it was too long ago. Yellow vinyl on 2000 copies, Peaceville Records.

This album has kind of been touted as the one where the band started to branch into more punk influenced territory and I'd sort of agree with such a sentiment. The vast majority of the Autopsy catalogue draws heavily from a relatively diverse pool anyway and I'd argue that a large portion of the bands sound has always utilised a pretty obvious punk aesthetic. Shorter, simplified song structures, basic riffs, punk attitude in general. Comparative to other death metal bands of the day like Morbid Angel anyway, this thing is practically something like Minor Threat or Black Flag. What probably draws such descriptions with this album is the recording qualities- rather lo-fi compared to the album before it. The album that followed this one also displayed a massive punk attitude so this one kind of gets regarded as the album that began the progression.

The main reason for wanting to grab this LP was the amazing gatefold spread. Look at this thing. It's like looking at a Where's Wally spread but for death metal.

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