Monday, November 28, 2011

progression disintegration

A few weeks back one of my posts partially centred around the Floridan grind unit Cellgraft, and at the time I said that I would be posting about them again in the future. Well, the time is here with their EP entitled "Deception Schematic". This is on clear wax. I think an alternate press of green is also floating around. I bought this from the Financial Ruin webstore, but this was pressed by No Reprieve Records.
So from what I can gather, this is the bands debut EP following a demo tape and cassette EP. The material on here is focused noticeably more on the low end than the bulk of their other recordings. I'd put it more down to the mastering as opposed to any kind of intentional change but I may be wrong. The songs are generally less 'hooky' and focused much more on pure, brutal grind as well, something which I think kind of detracts from the EP as a whole, as the songs really do start to blend into each other. With that said though, this is a good listen, probably just not as good as their "External Habitation" cassette.

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