Wednesday, October 26, 2011

planning is easy

I've definitely said some overly kind things about Northern California's Punch on this blog in the past. Chalk that previous enthusiasm up to a few things, most likely having just come away from the bands live show. I'll admit that they have one of the best live sets going of any modern hardcore band. I'll also admit that their last LP was pretty good. Perhaps not as good as I suggested in my post about it, but yeah, good, maybe even a little better than just good, but not great. And in true form, again, this, their new EP, "Nothing Lasts" is good. Blue vinyl. Pressed with the help of 625 Thrash, Deathwish and Discos Huelga Records.
So I can enjoy this band. I actually like the female vocals. I'm really fond of the blast beats and the general style of the songs. I'm also pretty into the recording style too. Rough in all the right places. But something about the band rubs me up the wrong way kind of. Like there's something that I genuinely don't like about them as a unit. Maybe it's their hipster, self important, pretentious lyrics, maybe it's their trendy fixed gear bike hats. Maybe it's even their denim jackets, I'm not too sure. I can't put my finger right on it, but I can't get into them as much as a lot of my friends seem to be able to, and as much as know I probably should. With that said though, this new 7" is just as good as much of their previous catalogue.
I'll leave you with that. Good EP.


rasputin said...

I know a lot of people who share your sentiment on the band too, though I really dig them. They're definitely very palatable, which might be something that's holding you back. As you say though, they write really great songs.

Survivalist said...

are you trying to convince yourself that you should like them because you enjoy their music or convince yourself that you shouldn't like them because of some nebulous feeling you have?

Sean said...

neither really. it's more a matter of me just trying to work out why i have such a vague feeling about them. like i said, their music possesses all of the stuff i like, but i just can't get excited about them, like i think i should. it just doesn't quite click for me, and i can't quite put my finger on the reason. i have a virtually identical problem with the band trap them.