Thursday, September 22, 2011

product of environment

Sea Of Shit out of Chicago recently had their demo pressed to wax by none other than Mr. Jamie Grimes of Suburban Mayhem Records out of Ireland. I heard that he'd sold all of them already which surprised me a little. I have a few copies left if anyone wants one. Great, grimey powerviolence with a slight fastcore approach. Black vinyl, unsure of the numbers. Can't be too many though if they're already all gone.
What's to say? Nasty, downtuned hardcore comparable to the more crusty end of the spectrum. Fast to very fast structures injected with blast beats and punctuated by a double vocal approach of a combination of strewn out laboured styles and a second, more low end friendly grunt. It has it's moments.
They also did a split with a band called Socially Retarded which I think is a better release as a whole. SOS are noticeably more urgent with that recording, and SR aren't half bad either.
I think I read somewhere that these guys broke up, but I may be wrong. Too bad, cool band.

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