Saturday, September 17, 2011

grateful nation

As much crap as Youth Attack Records and associated bands tend to cop from the more 'faithful' of the hardcore elite in today's current scene, the label does tend to put out the odd fantastic record every now and then. It's hard to argue with the quality in the packaging of just about everything the label has something to with as well, and the following post fodder is the perfect case to both points. Here's the new and debut s/t 7" from New York's Suburbanite. White wax of 500 copies, sold out.
As the label puts it, packaged with a custom tri-fold sleeve with a built in envelope for the record. Really nice thick, matte card. The record has a 45 hole with a 45 wedge, the first time I've bought an EP with a 45 wedge for a good four years or so. A-typical, bleak artwork that you'd expect from the Youth Attack alumni. Grey scale and grim, it's fitting, well thought out and it works the way it should.
I like to think that these guys take their name from the White Cross song, and really it's more than likely that that is the fact. Like that band, this is just great, fast, thrashy hardcore with an obvious, updated, modern recording. The snappiness in the drums and guitars is what makes this 7" so good, and the vocals from the guy that used to sing for The Aerosols is like the cherry on the cake. Though I'd never actually compare this music to anything like that, there's nothing sweet about Suburbanite.
Seven tracks, four faster numbers that never break the 40 second mark, and another three slightly slower songs that all exceed the minute mark, just barely. I can certainly see how some may interpret this as a bunch of noise that all kind of blends in together, everything here bares a similar structure and style, but with a little enthusiasm and some effort (not much, it's very simple hardcore), I think most believers could get something out of this. I'm getting a lot, such a good record.

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