Thursday, September 15, 2011

year of skulls

Newish metal/hardcore band out of Arizona, this is the debut EP "Decade Of Dust" from Tuscon's Hellhorse. Red and black split 7", pressed by Twelve Gauge Records earlier in the year. I've had this for a good three months or so now, but just haven't had the time to post about it. If there's going to be any kind of award for coolest record title this year, then I'd have to nominate these guys.
Touted as part of some new wave of black metal/crust/d-beat coming about at the moment, I suppose such descriptions aren't entirely off the mark. If the opening track/intro is anything to go by though, I'd sooner describe these guys as some 80's thrash rehash before anything else. Heavy comparisons to a lot of that era's great in this one track alone. Sadly these 57 seconds would have to be the highlight of the entire release, as it's a gradual decline in quality for the remaining seven songs. Not to say that this 7" is a terrible presentation, but it's nothing overly inspired either. Just middle of the road metal influenced hardcore that dabbles lightly in melody and crust vibes, then throws some weak hardcore vocals over the top. I really think I'd be a great deal more into this if the vocals held a little more meat in the low end, but sadly they don't. Reminds me of Black Breath to an extent for the same reasons really.
Infant recording from a band in it's earlier stages, I plan to keep my eye on these guys if just in hope that the vocals morph into something a little more hectic and ballsy. Something that has happened with other bands in the past.

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