Tuesday, September 20, 2011

every day

The last record I need to post about from Youth Attack and their recent(ish) update, this is the latest Vile Gash single, "Deluded". Clear and black smudge vinyl, YA has black vinyl of 500 listed on the website as the pressing, and a photo to back, with no details about this one what so ever, so I have no idea what's going on.
Three songs of shit smeared, noisy hardcore, I actually really like this band and their brand of rough, fast punk. Their second 7", this one is notably shorter than the first their first foray into the disc realm, with only three brief bursts. Obviously rougher than that EP as well, this one has been touted as more or less a lead up to their upcoming LP which is due before the end of the year.
Of the three YA 7"s which arrived in my mail box this week, this one boasts the least tidy packaging, comprised of merely a glued sleeve, and inside the vinyl in a black dust sleeve. No insert as all relevant notes are printed on the back side. Even with this simplistic arrangement though, it still comes across as mega classy, with nice thick card, and a very clean looking piece of vinyl.
Very keen for the LP, this band hasn't done any wrong yet.

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