Saturday, September 24, 2011

blood brew

Grind from Sydney is today's post subject. The band is Beer Corpse, and this is their debut 7", "Keg Nuts" thanks to Give Praise Records. Amber vinyl. Fitting.
What ou get here isn't typical at all of the American record label. This is extreme metal tinged grindcore, similar to a lot of those older 90's goregrind bands. Bands that I know nothing about really. Down tuned guitars recorded roughly, layered with a single tone, very guttural, low vocal belch that is occasionally broken up with some scummy sounding high ends. It's remarkably similar to very early Blood Duster for all of these reasons. If you haven't guessed already, lyrical content is humorously based around drinking beer and getting drunk etc, hence the fitting amber vinyl.
Amazing insert poster of a one Mr. Ivan Milat in his plyaground. Excellent.
Hardly comparable I know, but this is no Internal Rot, but it's cool none the less.

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