Thursday, July 14, 2011

teeth taker

New 7" from Melbourne's Internal Rot on grey wax thanks to 625 Thrash and Crucificados Records. This is a couple of the guys from Agents Of Abhorrence playing in a slightly more extreme kind of grindcore group.
Not dissimilar to alot of good American grind bands, these guys (to me anyway) more or less fill the void that Insect Warfare left when they decided to split. To be honest I wasn't sure if I'd really like this, but I guess I made a lucky choice, because this is great.
Max, the drummer for AOA is on vocals, and for such a short guy he sounds pretty intense. The similarities I draw to IW, for the most part, come from the similarities between Max and Rahi, the singer for that band. The production values run along the same lines as most of the IW catalogue too.
Easily the best true grind band to come out of Australia in the last few years, by a bunch of guys that know what they're on about. Not to be passed up.


VocalxTest said...

Hey man, any idea on the pressing for this one? I have a copy on grey too, and was just curious.

Sean said...

not a clue dude.