Tuesday, July 12, 2011

six day siege

Couple tapes, both of which come thanks to Suburban Mayhem Records. Both of which I have distro stock for Brisbane locals if you guys want any. First up is the Hexis demo tape. Churning, bleak, heavy hardcore from Denmark. Songs built around, for the majority, a rolling tremolo riff and severe double bass drum. It's most reminiscent of alot of the better Scando black metal, but don't let that put you off, this is by no means comparable to any of the current crop of trendy American black metal associated with labels like Youth Attack and the like. The production lends alot more to a heavier vibe. It's almost a doom mix infact. Shitty hardcore styled shrieks layered over the top, there's alot going on here. I'm almost reminded of some mid era ("Whisper Supremacy") Cryptopsy aswell with some of the riffage and structures.
Simple layout, just a simple copied, black, folded sleeve with a blank green cassette.
And the Prison Chapel "Total Fucking War" demo. These guys come from Ireland and play scuzzy, noisy hardcore punk. The recording is horrendous in all the right ways, blame Jamie Grimes for that.
Again, simple insert, just a red printed sleeve with a J fold. Green cassette again, but this time it's screened as you can see.

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