Tuesday, September 27, 2011

bigger problems

Following a demo and a s/t 7", and then a vinyl pressing of the demo, this is the debut LP, "Every Actual State Is Corrupt" from Boston's Brain Killer. Gatefold sleeve with black wax, pressed by Deranged Records.
Out of the US at the moment, I'd say that these guys more or less lead the pack when it comes to good interpretations of that late 80's Japanese crust sound ala bands like Bastard and the like. This LP takes on a noticeably more live sound than the previous efforts, and in doing so comes out displaying a more early 80's USHC vibe. I put it down mostly to the singers more noticeable Yankee accent shining through with this recording. Not as gruff and throaty as the earlier stuff. All the staples of what I mentioned are there though. Short and fast structures, built around an obvious d-beat. Basic chord progessions with the odd epic lead thrown in every now and then. Rough recording. Gruff, throaty vox. Similar grim/dark imagery in the actual packaging of the record. Slightly anarcho/political tendencies. They don't at all really hide their influences, though they have made this album a little more of their own.

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