Sunday, August 28, 2011

post mortem perversion

This record is probably going to end up being my top rated 7" for this year, followed very closely by a few others, namely the Get Destroyed 7". I'm having a hard time deciding actually. Finally I managed to get my hands on the new s/t EP by Washington State's Bone Sickness. 600 copies on black vinyl pressed by Belgium's Detest Records. Two tracks of low budget, American death metal. It doesn't get any better than these two songs. The best example of modern metal today.
Following a brilliant demo tape from last year, the guys have gone and recorded two brand new, noticeably higher quality songs of arguably very punk influenced Autopsy styled death metal. If you want a great modern incarnation of that early Autopsy sound, then go no further than this record. I've been totally flawed by the quality of these two tracks, there isn't a single bad thing about them. Fast, rough and angry. I'd go just about as far as to describe these two songs as on par with, if not better than the majority of the new Autopsy LP itself, that's how into this record I am. The recording is perfectly lean and heavy at the same time, it never gets bogged down or boring and it works perfectly to showcase Sam's absolutely BRILLIANT vocal range. Easily the highlight of this record, he seems to flawlessly switch between deathly lows and menacing highs all in the one breath. It's leaps and bounds from his performance on the demo, and really shelves these guys as one of the worlds premier death metal bands. If there's anything at all to slag off about this EP, it's the briefness of it all. Two songs over in barely five minutes, constantly having to flip the 7" between songs gets annoying at times. Need more metal.
This record has been out for a while now, but I'm just posting about it due to some massive delays with the label. To sum things up, I ordered this 7" from Detest Records directly, along with records by Miasmal and a few others. They never showed though, and after some very delayed responses from Jerry at the label, I decided just to order it from Dark Decent out of the USA. I'm kind of hoping that the package from Detest still turns up, but it's not looking hopeful. Kinda bummed, I spent a good chunk of money with that order.
An interview I read with the band earlier this year hinted at a new LP to follow this 7" in the latter parts of 2011, if not early 2012. Now I've heard nothing recently from either the Bone Sickness or Detest camps, but if said LP does materialise and it's along the lines of the recording of this EP, then it could quite possibly be the metal album of the decade. I cannot get over how good this record is.

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