Tuesday, August 23, 2011

moral panic

This is an LP that has been a long time in the making. Following their demo, then 7", then tour cassette, and then the stuff on the Brutal Supremacy comp, finally Scapegoat's s/t album has been pressed. With countless delays over a good 18 months in mind, I think alot of people thought this wouldn't happen at all, myself included, but yeah, here it is. AGAIN, I'm posting about the larger edition of black wax as opposed to the limited colour. Painkiller Records.
Recorded by Will Killingsworth nearly 18 months ago, arguably there's more of a crust vibe going on here as opposed to the blatant Crossed Out worship of their earlier material. What's immediately noticeable is the new guitar tone that the band is playing with. Now as I have mentioned many times before, I am no guitarist so I have no idea if it's a different tuning or if the Mike is just playing different sounds himself, but I think most will agree with me in what I am talking about. Not as much low end in the tone. Another big difference is the general faster pace of most of the material compared to any of the older music. Much more consistently up tempo, not nearly as many slow bits. It's almost at the point where you'd stop labelling this as powerviolence now. A few songs from earlier works have been revisited; a couple of songs from the tour tape, and the outro on this LP was originally used as the intro on the first demo tape.
Pretty simplistic layout that suits the release perfectly, I heard that a good chunk of the delay in this LP came down to the art.
A heap of people (alot of whom I wouldn't expect to like these guys normally) have been singing the praises of this album, and it is a very good release, but it's certainly not the bands best stuff, and I'll even go and say that it's not the highlight of this new Painkiller batch (Soul Swallower is). Regardless, it's a great album, and legions of bands would kill to be able to write music like this.

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Loathsome said...

I believe it's the record of the year together with Despise You , Weekend Nachos and probably Final Draft's new record.